Colorado Springs shooting live: Anderson Lee Aldrich wanted to be ‘next mass killer’,


Army veteran gives account of tackling Colorado Springs gunman

Colorado Springs shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich wanted to be the “next mass killer” and go out “in a blaze”, according to past arrest records.

Over one year before the 22-year-old allegedly killed five victims in a mass shooting at LGBT+ nightclub Club Q, Aldrich was arrested for making an alleged bomb threat. No charges were filed, and the case was sealed.

Records have surfaced showing that the accused shooter’s grandmother told police that they said they were “going to be the next mass killer and has been collecting ammunition, firearms, bullet-proof body armour and storing it in the basement of the residence”.

Aldrich, who allegedly identifies as nonbinary, is now facing preliminary charges including five counts of murder along with five charges of committing a bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury over Saturday night’s massacre.

Aldrich’s father has sparked outrage after he said his first reaction on being informed of the mass shooting was to question why his child was at a gay bar.


Mike Pence backed away from anti-LGBT figures before five killed in Colorado shooting

Former vice president Mike Pence appeared to take a step back from his party’s hard-right wing stand in an interview that was taped just days before the deadly attack at a gay nightclub that has been blamed on a rising tide of anti-LGBT hate.

Mr Pence was interviewed by Margaret Brennan on CBS’s Face the Nation this past week; his remarks were broadcast on Sunday.

During the interview, he was asked about the legislation which was passed by the US Senate this week, seeking to protect the rights of same-sex marriages at the federal level. Unlike other conservatives in his party, Mr Pence seemed to back away from the rhetoric that has been embraced by many far-right commentators such as Matt Walsh, Chris Rufo, and Tucker Carlson seeking to link LGBT Americans to pedophilia.

The free-flowing accusations of “grooming” against gay Americans that have emerged from this wing of the GOP has been blamed for a new wave of violence and discrimination against LGBT communities both online and in the real world.

John Bowden has the details.

Josh Marcus24 November 2022 10:48


Tucker Carlson slammed for dismissing anti-LGBT+ motive in shooting

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has come under fire for dismissing the likelihood that anti-LGBT+ hate was behind the mass shooting at a Colorado Springs gay club where five persons were killed and another 18 sustained injuries.

In the wake of the mass shooting, the right-wing news presenter brushed off the suspect’s motive, suggesting that Aldrich was “clearly a troubled person”.

“So the most obvious question is why did he shoot 30 people? The truth is we don’t know,” he said during The Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

“We do know he was clearly a troubled person,” Mr Carlson said, adding that the suspect was arrested in 2021 for threatening his mother with a homemade bomb.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar24 November 2022 10:10


AOC eviscerates Lauren Boebert for ‘thoughts and prayers’ response to Colorado Springs mass shooting

Following the Saturday midnight shooting, Ms Boebert tweeted that the “news out of Colorado Springs is absolutely awful”.

“This morning the victims and their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly,” she added.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar has the story.

Josh Marcus24 November 2022 09:40


Why the hell can’t America end this deadly gun violence?

How are you supposed to feel when a man walks into an LGBT+ nightclub in Colorado Springs and opens fire, killing five and injuring 20 others?

Horror, for sure, and admiration for the persons who confronted the alleged shooter before he destroyed even more lives.

The same goes for when you wake to news that six people are dead in a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, after an employee opened fire late at night, grievously injuring half-a-dozen others, before turning the weapon on himself.

But alongside the sympathy for the victims, are two other emotions that bubble up and will not go away. And they are anger and outrage, writes Andrew Buncombe.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar24 November 2022 09:10


‘Master of Silly Business’ among 5 dead in Colorado shooting

On a typical night at the Club Q, a bastion for LGBTQ people in the largely conservative city of Colorado Springs, Daniel Aston could be seen letting loose and sliding across the stage on his knees tailed by his mullet to whoops and hollers.

The venue provided Aston, a 28-year-old transgender man and the self-proclaimed “Master of Silly Business,” with the liberating performances he had long sought. But on Saturday it became the site of the latest mass shooting in the U.S. when a gunman with…

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