‘The Flash’ Season 8 Finale Explained — What Final Scene Means


The following contains spoilers from The Flash‘s Season 8 finale.

The Flash with its Season 8 finale saw Eobard Thawne become more powerful than ever, as the Negative Reverse-Flash. In turn, the positive Forces resurfaced to similarly supercharge Barry, as their own chosen avatar. Iris meanwhile was revealed to have cheated death, her consciousness finding refuge in the time stone that Damien Darhk gifted Joe back during “Armageddon.”

Damien coached Iris to facilitate her own escape by rediscovering her lost connection with Barry, after which she dematerialized at Joe’s house. Iris then found Barry mid-battle with Thawne and urged him to dial things down, seeing as their fracas was building to, you know, Armageddon. So, despite crackling with the combined power of the other Forces, Barry literally opted to sit out the rest of the rumble, positing himself criss-cross-apple sauce on the pavement and meditating, much to Thawne’s  frustration. Thawne then summoned “more power” to slaughter his foe where he sat, only to wind up obliterated by his own excess.

In the coda that followed, Iris reunited Tinya with her rescued mom… Cecile discovered that a form of telekinesis has been added to her power set… Caitlin’s “Frost” chamber malfunctioned, leading Mark to an unexpected discovery… and Barry and Iris enjoyed a quiet, romantic moment at home, where she explained how she rediscovered their spark, and he thanked her for de-escalating his fight with Thawne. Then, in a final stinger, as Barry and Iris acknowledged that the Negative Forces will one day find a new avatar, the camera panned a lab in the year 2049, where a (cobalt?) blue crystal was on display….

TVLine spoke with Flash showrunner Eric Wallace about planting the seeds for the time sickness arc, whether we’ve now really seen the last of Tom Cavanagh, why “WestAllen” has been put through the wringer, and what that final image meant.

Flash 8x20TVLINE | I gave you a slow golf clap when Joe revealed that the time stone was in his cabinet, and we got the flashback to Damien handing him it. You really played the long game. What would you say was the very first seed for this time sickness storyline?
It really starts in Season 7 — in Episode 715, I believe? — where Iris seems to have the flu off-camera. Candice [Patton] was not available for Episode 715, so we were like, “I wonder why Iris is not available? Hey! What if this is a diabolical master plan of some kind? And what if it’s really the bad guys, and not the flu? What if they’ve given her a time sickness and she won’t figure it out for another six months? Oh my goodness, we’re going to have the most epic, involved storyline ever, and we are going to pay it off!” That’s where it started. And then there’s a deleted scene that unfortunately didn’t make the cut at the end of Season 7 — right before the vow renewal, it’s a scene with Iris and Nora—

TVLINE | TVLine actually posted that deleted scene, with the necklace.
Yes, the necklace scene! I can’t remember if we had the finished effects there, but at the top of the scene you see Iris’ eyes glow green for the first time. Even though she got it off-camera in Episode 715, that’s where [the time sickness] would have been confirmed to the audience. But instead, we talked about it in [Episodes] 801, 802,803….


TVLINE | Did you by chance film these new scenes with Neal McDonough the same time as “Armageddon,” knowing this callback was coming?
No, but we knew we wanted to bring him back. Going into “Armageddon,” we knew, “Oh, this is how we’re going to cure Iris’ time sickness. It’s going to be in some capacity using the time stone, so I hope Neal is available to come back!” At that point I had seen the dailies of him working with the rest of Team Flash and it was just magic. I thought it’d make a perfect bookend, not only to the end of the season, as far as wrapping up the time sickness storyline, but wrapping up the “Armageddon” storyline.

What hopefully everyone gets is really this has all been about “Armageddon” — the beginning of the season and the end of the season. In the first five episodes, we couldn’t show Armageddon because the hero prevents it. Then as soon as we got around to [Episodes] 804, 805, we realized that if Flash solves the mystery and defeats the bad guy, we won’t get to see the coolest thing ever. “Well, I guess we know what our season finale is now!” It was wonderful symmetry.

Flash 8x20TVLINE | That was quite a last hurrah for Reverse-Flash in the finale, but Tom [Cavanagh] has speculated over the years that when The Flash really comes to an end, there’d need to be a final face-off. Do you have any idea what that would look like?
No, not yet — because when we were writing the finale for Season 8, we thought that was the series finale. So we were like, “We’ve got to have the greatest, most epic battle…

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